Born in 1991 in Poland, Marzena currently lives and works in both Warsaw and Bukowina Tatrzańska.

Art occupies an important place in her life. Above all, it's Marzena's way to explore the world and of learning. Hence the use of various means of expression and a great desire to get acquainted with various fields of art. Although sculpture has a special place in her heart, she chose the career of a set designer in order not to stay remain in a studio alone but rather to be in touch with people.

She studied Art at a specialist college in Zakopane (2007-11), Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Art in Gdańsk (2011-12) and Scenography at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Art (2012-18), where she got Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Fine Arts degree.

The paintings and the illustrations presented were all created in the "pandemic year" of 2020. That year, in returning to the mountainous region of her childhood, she was inspired by highlander topics, both in terms of the landscape and of the indigenous culture.

These figurative images evoke imaginary characters from folk songs, plays and librettos as well as her own ancestors who she knows from family lore and who often seem equally fictional!

This parade of personalities from bygone eras, of varying social statuses, frequently originating in humorous anecdotes though also in high culture, are her "Top 100" favourites.

Auction New Masters
Piękna Gallery | Warsaw
Essence exhibition
Monat Gallery | MADRID
Itsliquid Group | VENICE
Art Fair | Paris


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